Living-room forts, gum stuck to chairs and kids wired on sugar - such is the inspiration for Tasha Platt's first album for children, and the parents who love them.

BIG BAD BANTAM ROOSTER features 18 songs, from the silliness of Ooops I Swallowed My Gum to the sweet melody of Sunset.

Dogs of Many Breeds is a parody of I've Been Everywhere listing dog breeds instead of names of places, Big Bad Bantam Rooster and Peas feature the ladies of Magnolia Buckskin (Platt's current 'grown-up' band), and Soaring is the story of her Dad's life (so far) in five celtic inspired verses.

Tasha debuted the songs over three days of performances at the 2009 Calgary International Children's Festival, and officially released BIG BAD BANTAM ROOSTER at the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Center to a sold out crowd on June 6, 2009.